M-Screen 1x2 (Deco-Screen)

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Performance Sunscreens
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M-Screen 1x2, now merged with Deco-Screen, is a high-quality solar protection fabric with a 1x2 basket weave in plain and textured construction and a wide colour range is available. Made from a coated Enduris® fibreglass yarn and woven to maintain perfect view-through ability, M-Screen has outstanding UV protection, making it ideal for harsh Australian climate conditions.

White/White 0202H
White/Lotus 0221H
White/Stone 0222H
White/Linen 0220H
Linen/Stone 2022H
Pearl/Linen 0720H
Charcoal/Sable 3010H
Charcoal/Cocoa 3061H
White/Pearl 0207H
Pearl/Pearl 0707H
Charcoal/Linen 3020H
Charcoal/Lotus 3021H
Charcoal/Pearl-Grey M178H
Charcoal/Grey 3001H
Charcoal/Charcoal 3030H
Oyster Shell D064
Silver Frost D088
River Rock D137
Tumbleweed D212
Flagstone D249
Granite D337