Net Series 2x2 (DL)

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Performance Sunscreens
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Net Series, is a 2x2 basket weave sunscreen fabric offered in various colour choices. With its 10-year fabric warranty and a 5% openness factor, this fire retardant screen provides UV protection without compromising view-through.

Net Series also features a select range of designer colours that's exclusive to the Mermet Net Series range.

White N001
White/White/Sable N012
White Linen N002
White/Sable N010
White/Grey N003
White/Sable/Grey N025
Grey N301
Charcoal/Light-Grey N903
Charcoal/Grey N904
Charcoal N901
DL - White/White-Pearl NWWP
DL - Ash/Linen N0AL
DL - Pearl/Magnetic-Bronze NPMB
DL - Sable/Shale N0SS
DL - Midnight/Tan-Stone NMTS